Mt. San Jacinto College STEM Building

San Jacinto, California

This project is being crafted for Mount San Jacinto Community College. Located on their original campus in San Jacinto, CA. The campus has had few changes in recent years allowing this building to set a new language and precedent for the future. The building is a 3 story 57,000 sq.ft. STEM building attempting to create a new front door into the older campus. In collaboration with the college and its user groups, the program has been crafted to address the needs of the campus and elevate the expectations. The building includes labs and classrooms to accommodate the community colleges Biology, Micro-biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, and Math programs. In addition, it will house staff offices, conference rooms, and a large reading/study area that will serve as the main lobby, and the focal point of the project. The designs clean lines and streamlined materials work to address one of the main constraints of this project, budget.

Every effort has been made to keep all systems as efficient and low cost as possible, while maintaining design and the function of spaces to meet and exceed user s needs. The project is being planned with a steel brace frame structural system and the core has been stacked to reduce runs of equipment. The special gems in this project can be found in the lobby and study spaces located adjacent to the eight lab rooms. In contrast to the clean lines and verticality established in the building form the landscaping has been designed to establish native planting and be organic in form to preserve as many existing trees as possible. Using decomposed granite paths, trees for shade, rocks for seating, and site-specific landscaping; the addition of this project will begin to break up this predominantly grass filled campus and begin to introduce a new language that can be easily expanded upon in the future.

Electrical & Technology:
Cost Estimator:
O’Connor Construction Management
Architectural Specifications:
Architectural Resources
Lab Consultant:
Hera Group Lab Planners

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