Since LPA was founded in 1965, it’s been our mission to deliver timeless, sustainable designs that benefit the environment, generate lasting value, enrich the human experience and ensure a better future.

Our Culture

The LPA culture is one of collaboration, curiosity and creativity. We’re always learning. Always exploring. Always challenging ourselves to uncover more innovative and inspiring solutions. From the way we think about sustainability to the techniques and technologies we use, we’re imaginative, forward thinking and resourceful.

Our culture of innovation is fueled and sustained by our commitment to research and ongoing education. We constantly strive to expand our expertise and further our understanding of best practices. A love of learning is in our DNA.

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Our Values

  • Focus on the Future. We believe we have a responsibility to leave the world better than we found it. All of our projects are designed to have a positive and enduring environmental, economic and social impact.
  • Collaborate for Greatness. We believe that the best ideas and outcomes come from working together as a truly integrated team. That’s why we emphasize collaboration and coordination in all that we do.
  • Always Be Innovating. LPA is committed to pushing boundaries, embracing new ideas and challenging the status quo. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and problem solve.
  • Do More with Less. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment—it’s also about efficiency. Our goal is to produce high-performance projects that deliver greater value at lower cost and with less resources.
  • Be a Better Partner. We aren’t just passionate about design. We’re passionate about our clients. We go above and beyond to listen, resolve challenges and deliver on our promises.
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LPAred is a unique research initiative that aims to advance the knowledge and application of evidence-based design. Through LPAred, we are investing in research to understand how our work impacts end users, communities and the environment. This research is conducted by our dedicated, in-house team of professional researchers and energy analysts. Then it’s shared with our project teams, clients and others in the design community.

  • Research. We collaborate with university and corporate partners on primary research studies to better understand how our work impacts the end user.
  • Education. The LPAred team shares literature reviews, whitepapers and webinars to advance the conversation around research-based design and human-centered solutions.
  • Design. Using both pre-occupancy benchmarking and post-occupancy data collection, we develop best practices for designing sustainable spaces that work better, do more with less and improve people’s lives.

LPA Foundation

LPA Foundation focuses on supporting the firm's charitable giving and volunteer efforts. Founded in 2015, the mission is to advance integrated design through research, education and sustainability. LPA professionals participate in volunteer opportunities and provide in-kind services to local and national organizations with a commitment to these pillars, including:

  • BEEP Program. The Built Environment Education Program introduces K-12 students to all aspects of the built environment, inspiring interest and future careers.
  • ACE Mentor Program. LPA's design professionals provide one-on-one mentorship for students interested in entering the field of architecture, construction and engineering.
  • Canstruction. This team-building volunteer opportunity supports creative thinking while raising funds and food donations for hunger relief.