LRCCD Natomas Center Phase 2 & 3 Science and Art Building

Sacramento, California

Constructed as a campus-in-a-building in 2004 the Phase One of the Natomas Center of American River College brought much needed higher educational services to the newly developing areas of northern most Sacramento. With the success of the satellite campus, need for additional learning spaces, particularly in the sciences, became apparent. Connections Located directly adjacent to both Inderkum High School and North Natomas Library, the Natomas Center is part of the civic and institutional heart of the community. The new multi-disciplinary Phase Two will be located directly adjacent to the existing Phase One to more than double the size of the campus.

The Phase Two site is subject to various site forces including sun from the south, prevailing winds from the south-southwest connection to Phase-One from the west and activity and noise from Inderkum High School from the north and east. Creating Community Responding to site forces and the desire for an enhanced sense of community within the campus, Phase Two responds by wrapping around and protecting a new communal courtyard that serves as the heart of the campus, a defined outdoor space for students to gather, study and socialize when not in classes. The courtyard is activated by creating a connection to Phase One and with indoor/outdoor connection to the programs that wrap the courtyard.

Indoor student study and social spaces connect directly to the courtyard. Stacking for Optimal Adjacencies Science Labs and Lab Prep spaces are placed over the classrooms to allow direct access to roof for exhaust. Classroom have easy first floor access and proximity to the courtyard and student study and social spaces. To create a cohesive campus Phase Two takes visual cues from Phase One. While not mimicking or copying Phase One, Phase Two relates in scale and height, massing, form and materiality.

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