LPA takes an integrated and informed approach to design—one that leverages the collective insights of our multidisciplinary team to spark innovation and maximize value. It’s a better process, with better results.

At LPA, we go beyond the traditional designer mindset. We’re strategic thinkers and problem-solvers with extensive experience developing high-performance environments.

We work closely with you throughout every stage of your project—listening to your needs, sharing ideas and guiding you every step of the way. The result: A more seamless development process, higher-quality outcomes and better client-focused solutions.

Creative Collaboration

As an integrated firm, we believe that collaboration leads to better results. We break down the barriers between disciplines, bringing together experts in architecture, engineering, landscape and interiors to collaborate on every project from conception through completion and post-occupancy.

And we bring that same integrated approach to our problem solving and concept development. Everyone on the LPA team is involved from start to finish—sharing insights, ideas and discoveries in real time. The team also collaborates with you—the client—ensuring that your goals remain central.

This 360°multidisciplinary perspective generates more comprehensive, creative and client-centered solutions. It’s also more efficient—eliminating redundancies, proactively solving problems and streamlining work.

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Informed Design

Through informed design, LPA leverages the latest research insights to spark imaginative, cost-effective solutions that are custom-tailored to your needs. As one of the country’s only design firms with a dedicated research group, we draw on cutting-edge data, analysis and technology to create projects that work better, do more with less and improve people’s lives. It’s a unique, evidence-based process that leads to better solutions and deeper engagement.

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Data-Driven Solutions

We start by developing a comprehensive concept at project inception—one informed by project research, project-specific development, conceptual spatial ideas and calculated building systems strategies. This serves as a guiding framework as we move through the phases of development, test concepts and refine our ideas.

Every planning and design decision we make is based on the best available intelligence, including modeling, analysis, simulations, case studies, performance criteria and post-occupancy evaluations.

This collaborative, data-driven process challenges assumptions early on—enabling us to refine our problem-solving and solution-seeking in a way that a more traditional approach simply can’t do.