LPA is a fully-integrated firm of architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects, all working as one team. We design innovative environments that work better, do more with less and improve people’s lives.

LPA is a different type of design firm. Founded in 1965, with offices throughout California and Texas, we have a nationwide reputation for innovation and sustainable design, including one of the largest portfolios of LEED Platinum and Gold-certified projects in the country.

Rather than dividing the company by disciplines, the firm is structured into flexible work teams. Each team is led by a principal and a project manager, allowing us to address problems holistically and bring expert voices to every discussion. Our work also crosses sector boundaries, reflecting decades of experience developing inspiring and efficient education, civic, healthcare, landscape, sports, entertainment, mixed use and office projects.

On a fundamental level, we tackle projects differently than other firms. Our approach emphasizes collaboration, communication and research to find the best answers for our clients. We never settle for the status quo. We don’t use templates. We believe a research-driven approach results in environments that work better, do more with less and improve people’s lives.

Better Process, Better Results

Our core process is based on developing a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of all stakeholders. We don’t push an agenda or bring templates to the discussion. We sit at the table as a facilitator, not a lecturer. Engagement is not a formality or a burden—it is the foundation of our designing process.

We believe a better process starts with a focus on the user experience, looking for that extra efficiency and the elements that will excite people and create a special place. As the design evolves, we emphasize research and exploration, targeting clearly-defined goals.

For us, a better process is about giving clients relevant information and allowing data-based discussions to inform every element of the design.

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A Research-Driven Approach

LPA is one of the only design firms in the country with an in-house research team, LPAred, focused on developing data to help our clients make informed decisions. For all our projects, we draw on research to shape the design and maximize the economic, environmental and social value.

Research allows us to challenge assumptions, refine our problem-solving and deepen engagement. After the job is done, we study how our projects operate, looking for new efficiencies and lessons to help us create facilities that stand the test of time.

Leading the Sustainable Discussion

For us, sustainability is not a LEED checklist or a regulatory requirement. It informs everything we do. We create high-performance, environmentally-conscious projects that deliver greater value at lower cost, improve efficiency, and reduce operational and maintenance costs for our clients.

We take a broad definition of sustainability, including health and well-being as vital components of any facility. We understand the deeper connection between the environment and quality of life. And we recognize a truly sustainable building is flexible and adaptable enough to survive the test of time.

A Proven Track Record

All our work tells a consistent story. Our open, inclusive process has created places that excite, captivate and bring people together.

We are proud of the relationships we’ve developed over the years. And we remain passionate about exploring new partnerships and new ideas to create buildings and places that are ecologically restorative and resilient. Places that benefit the environment, improve the bottom line and remain a vital part of the community for generations.