Northeast Middle School

Austin, Texas

Austin ISD's New Northeast Middle School will be a centerpiece of Austin's burgeoning new urbanist Mueller Development. LPA worked with Austin ISD, Catellus and the City of Austin to create a campus that would honor the aviation history of Mueller with a sustainable, next generation, educational design approach. Managing a complex set of stakeholders, the New Northeast Middle School serves 800 learners and doubles as a community hub after hours. The 130,000 square-foot middle school includes pedestrian and bike friendly urban edges, courtyards that tie collaborative spaces to the heart of the campus and athletic fields that will serve the community.

The project is ambitious environmentally, targeting LEED Gold status along with incorporating AEGB Sustainable Strategies and targeting an Energy Use Intensity reduction of 60 percent. This project will deliver on Austin ISD's transformational learning pedagogy through providing a variety of learning spaces. These spaces will cater to different learning modalities by allowing the ability to teach outside, in collaborative break-out spaces, in small group rooms, and in technology rich, expandable spaces.

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