KSAT-TV Headquarters

San Antonio, Texas

Design announces TV station’s bold new identity

KSAT-TV’s new two-story expansion added 16,000 square feet of open office space and rebranded the station with a much-needed face-lift. The project enhances the neighborhood, improves the pedestrian experience and fulfills KSAT's desire to have an engaging space that will support the station for the next 50 years.

KSAT-TV worked out of the same studio building since its very first broadcast in 1957. Not only had they outgrown their original building, but news teams needed a more flexible space to accommodate better collaboration as well as future growth. Moreover, the station made it a top priority to create a strong new identity that would declare their long-term commitment to the San Antonio community.

The irregular-shaped site is located on the edge of downtown and offers views to the nearby San Antonio River. The design combines the unique existing site features — including a 500-foot signal tower, heritage oak trees, a news studio and technology control center — with a new cutting-edge newsroom and support spaces designed around modern open-office concepts.

The building’s curved main façade is shaped by the property boundaries and helps optimize parking flow. Sunshades made from weathered, COR-TEN steel complement the structure’s buff-colored, stone-clad base and second-story, dark-gray siding. At the building’s northeast corner, a signature exterior stair tower tops out at a viewing deck shaded by deep roof overhangs where staff can enjoy the views of the river.

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