High Moon Studios

Carlsbad, California

Non-traditional office design encourages video game developers

High Moon Studios’ new headquarters is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration among the game developer’s talented group of designers. The 30,000-square-foot facility needed to create an open, sharing environment, while providing the technical and social areas required for any competitive, employee-focused technology company.

In the main room, where most of the developers work, there are separate lighting zones—bright for the programmers; dark for the designers. Raised I-beams, which look like steel girders, run through the room, providing bring plug-and-play power and connectivity to mobile workstations, allowing people to easily move their desks and form new units. A stage and giant screen at the center of the room is used for staff meetings and large-scale presentations.

The centerpiece of the office is a co-lab, with high-backed booths, couches, monitors and a writeable wall, where staffers gather every day to test games and discuss challenges. A large barn door opens to a conference room, making it easier to expand the space and include visitors. There are no walls or cubicles in the common areas, and rooms are separated by glass doors, encouraging interaction with executives and promotes the company’s commitment to transparency and collaboration.

Social areas are separated from the work areas, including a large break room and kitchen large enough to host firmwide events. The main entrance features tall counter and stools, creating a gathering spot for employees, as well as a non-traditional lobby to welcome visitors.

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