Casis Elementary School

Austin, Texas

Casis Elementary School is a new 800 student elementary school which will replace an existing elementary school on the same site. Through engagement with the Casis community, it became apparent that the history of Casis and the original building design was cherished in the community. The original school design was configured to be welcoming to the surrounding neighborhood. The building was situated near Exposition Boulevard at the same elevation as the street and adjacent Casis Village. This connection created a public hub between the two entities. Additionally, the dispersed courtyards and pockets of outdoor learning created synergy between the school, the neighborhood, and nature. Located on the site is a grove of trees known as Casis Forest. Over the years, community members have maintained these trees and have planted more throughout the campus. Along with the outdoor classroom and student-planted gardens, Casis has a rich history of championing a connection to nature - preserving the established connection between school, community, and nature was the central driving force in the new school design.

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