Advanced Technology Education Park

Tustin, California

The ATEP property is a 62-acre parcel located in the former Tustin Marine Air Station, within Tustin Legacy. It is centrally located in Orange County and adjacent to engaged teaching programs, retail, dining and public transportation, including an international airport and outdoor recreation facilities. This is an ideal location for the future emerging technologies workforce training in association with industry demands as a regional or global center of innovation. ATEP integrates and develops sustainable building design, promoting the education of sustainable systems and product development. As a campus, it will be a beta test site for the industry to teach and test best practices in a real-time space and location.

SOCCCD’s developmental framework envisions a campus of educational and business industry partner buildings that efficiently use the land. Functional outdoor space will produce a vibrant community shared by both students and businesses. Known for its excellence and industry-leading standards, ATEP is positioned to become a destination point within the state
and county.

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