7835 Ivanhoe

La Jolla, California

Green measures shape two-story office renovation in coastal village

The 7385 Ivanhoe project renovated both the exterior and interior of an existing two-story structure. Located in the heart of active La Jolla Village, the 3,400-square-foot remodel includes a single-tenant space with a conference area and design studio on the ground floor, plus open offices and a break area on the second floor.

The original building façades were layered with balustrades, cornices and roof forms that gave it a cluttered and dated appearance. The redesign peeled back those layers and returned the building to its simple geometry. New smooth-faced plaster, flush horizontal siding and streamlined metal railings create a timeless aesthetic that hold up to the site’s corrosive coastal atmosphere.

Designers took a similar approach to the interior, where they worked to simplify conditions. The majority of interior walls were removed to open the building to natural daylight and ventilation, as well as dramatic views to the Pacific Ocean. This open plan maximizes flexibility and allows the space to be reconfigured throughout the life of the building. As an example, a large barn door allows the ground-level conference room to serve multiple types of gatherings.

The building was retrofit with a white “cool roof” that minimizes heat island effects. Reroofing also added tubular skylights that evenly distribute daylight throughout the building. Taking advantage of La Jolla’s mild climate, high-performance operable windows and slider doors allow for natural ventilation and reduce power demands. To optimize employee health and comfort, all work areas are equipped with task lighting and accessible temperature controls. At the entry, drought-tolerant plantings help conserve water and enhance the pedestrian-friendly environment. The renovation provides an example of how to responsibly redevelop a project to benefit both its occupants and neighbors.

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