Winston School

San Antonio, Texas

The topography and outdoor space between existing buildings lends itself to creating a new campus center for the Winston School with the arrangement of two new multilevel buildings. The buildings are separated by an open space that will extend the existing courtyard. The sloping open space between the proposed gym and cafetorium/fine arts buildings provides a great opportunity to develop an open air amphitheater. The site topography slopes quickly down and away from the west ends of the existing buildings, which lends itself nicely to building two story buildings with the upper levels at the same elevation of the existing buildings and the lower levels near the existing natural grade facing the sports fields.

The connection of the new and existing gym building working together will support a variety of sporting events and tournaments. The cafetorium and fine art functions occupy the same building on the same level as the existing classroom building. The lower level of the building would be used for the facilities maintenance and transportation department. It will also have a wood and metal shop, extended care and advancement office.

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