DPR Construction

Pasadena, California

Redesigned loft-style office draws inspiration from historic downtown

This top-story, 8,000-square-foot office renovation is based on an urban loft concept. Featuring high ceilings, exposed systems and an open-office layout, the design includes an entire wall of tall glass doors that access a large rooftop deck.

Previously a third-floor restaurant, the space faces onto a historic street in downtown Pasadena. Designers pulled inspiration from the Old Town urban environment and incorporated high window bays, wood plank flooring and retro-style globe light fixtures. As a fun touch, banks of double-hung, operable wood windows are installed at several interior walls.

Main project components include a central pavilion for gatherings and team work sessions, a communal kitchen with a high-end residential range and an expansive outdoor deck with built-in barbecue. The interior is splashed with warm colors, sustainable finish materials and bold graphics that promote the company’s values. Bike racks and showers support employees’ active lifestyles.

The open-office design facilitates DPR’s collaborative and social culture, while also allowing generous amounts of natural light to reach deep into the space. By strategically locating interior walls, the layout provides maximum flexibility and accommodates future growth.

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