1221 Broadway Lofts

San Antonio, Texas

Abandoned housing complex transformed into urban chic mixed use development

This adaptive reuse project occupies two full-city blocks and contains 308 loft-style apartments, 15,000 square feet of retail/office space and a 500-vehicle parking structure. The project, part of the city’s new River North District, transformed the concrete shell of an abandoned housing complex into a vibrant mixed-use development.

The dense, four-story structures are organized around five courtyards. These landscaped spaces serve as tranquil oases, providing residents a break from the busy street experience. In addition to a central pool, the development fronts the San Antonio River, offering access to a popular new pedestrian/bike path that parallels the active waterway.

In addition to the amenities, 1221 Broadway Lofts is designed as a compound for urban living. All circulation occurs outdoors on single-loaded, cantilevered walkways. Double-level pedestrian bridges link the two building complexes over the city street; colored lighting accents the exposed-steel structures and intensifies the nighttime street energy.

The project features an industrial design aesthetic throughout. Exterior building materials include corrugated and flat-panel metal siding, cast-in-place concrete and stucco. One of the courtyards features a 12-foot-tall metal cistern that captures rainwater for reuse on site. Steel awnings, metal railings and galvanized downspouts complete the look.

Aluminum-framed windows allow for large openings essential to loft-style design, maximizing views and letting in generous amounts of natural light. Unit interiors feature polished concrete floors. Some units also include exposed concrete walls and ceilings, capturing the industrial aesthetic.

In collaboration with Lake|Flato Architects

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