LPA Hosts Dallas Event on Healthy Workplace

Last week’s installment of the LPA Dallas studio’s quarterly learning series, Elevating Workplace by Design, focused on the tools available to create healthier workplace environments.

Moderated by LPA managing director Teresa Rodriguez, the discussion touched on a wide variety of topics, including the potential return-on-investment of healthier offices, the nuances of different certification programs and practical applications to impact the workplace.

“It’s about design, about commitment, but also about motivation,” LPA Design Director Rick D’Amato said. “How do we motivate people to be healthier?”

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D’Amato was joined on the panel by LPA interior designer Taylor Dorse; Kimari Phillips, a research analyst with LPAred, the firm’s research arm; and Craig Janssen, managing director of Idibri, the acoustics specialists. The event was hosted in the new office for Roofstock, the real estate investment company, which was designed by LPA.

Roofstock is an example of a design that fosters collaboration and a healthy environment, with communal seating areas and a “speakeasy” lounge.The open dialogue, including questions from the audience, touched on the ability of activity-based designs to promote flexibility and privacy, while increasing collaboration and creativity in the office environment.

Research confirms that focusing on the health and well-being of the staff pays dividends, considering issues like absenteeism and productivity, Phillips said. Ninety percent of business overhead costs are typically staff-related, she noted.

“If you want best return on investment, it’s really investing in people,” Phillips told the group.