Design Director

Irvine, California

Rick D’Amato is an award-winning architect and AIA Fellow. He believes in the power and responsibility of design to shape the world around us. Design, Rick asserts, needs to oblige an environmental responsibility and provide an enjoyable, immersive experience for users.

As Design Director, he is responsible for the design of many project types, from nature centers, libraries and education facilities to retail projects, fire stations and corporate headquarters. He has created exciting workplace and public environments for many notable clients, including the cities of West Hollywood and Long Beach, ASICS, Volcom, DPR Construction and the LEED-Platinum Environmental Nature Center.

For Rick, the collaborative process is a necessary design tool for an immeasurable project journey. From early strategy sessions through design development, Rick’s passion for collaboration and sustainability leads to a pragmatic sense of design.

Architecture, design and interiors have fascinated Rick from an early age. As a child, he could often be found building cardboard models of interior spaces, buildings and cities. This inherent connection and love for design led him to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona. As a board member and past president of AIA-LBSB, Rick finds professional motivation from camaraderie and continued learning within the industry.