Architects Dive into the Details to Create the Aquatics and Recreation Center

By Jenna Hunt

In the coming months the team planning the town’s aquatics and recreation center will be at work determining the costs to build and maintain the new facility.

The aquatics and recreation center team includes LPA Inc. Architects, a new project advisory commission and town staff.


The goal of the second workshop included identifying priorities and needs for recreation facilities and programs.

“It’s a puzzle and our job is to piece it all together,” Arash Izadi said.

Workshop exercises helped gauge the public’s top choices in pool design, indoor or outdoor options and gymnasium features along with where the ideal location would be for the project.

Izadi and his LPA Inc. team including senior project manager John Courtney and senior project designer Jeff Schaub navigated every detail during the July 25 workshop.

“We’ve reached out to a lot of people,” Izadi said of the community research. “After this workshop we’re going to spend some time behind the scenes.”

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