The Vine OC

Irvine, California

Office park building reinvented as indoor-outdoor incubator space

The Vine OC is an entrepreneurial community of startup companies located in a flexible, collaborative work environment. As a fresh approach to how corporate America works and interacts, the project merges indoor office space with outdoor amenities. Shade structures, movable furniture and advanced IT systems allow for a variety of uses, from team huddles and group events to socializing and relaxing.

Located in a 1990s suburban business complex, the original building was one of many generic, two-story office structures in the development. The new design reimagined the traditional 9-to-5 office model of sitting behind a desk all day. Influenced by co-working culture—and facilitated by the mild Southern California climate—the Vine represents a deliberate departure from the old ways of doing business.

Glass roll-up doors create seamless indoor-to-outdoor transitions. Numerous windows reinforce that connection and fill the interiors with natural daylight, creating bright, energetic spaces for tenants. Vibrant paint accents add to that dynamic. New spec suites range in size from 2,000 to 7,000 square feet and include open kitchenettes, exposed ceilings, LED lighting and strategic signage locations for branding.

Elements such as a fire pit, BBQ, edible garden and outdoor conference spaces make the Vine functional and exciting for a variety of events. Drought-tolerant plants help conserve water; turf grass was limited to areas that offer visual relief from the parking lot while still providing seating area for events. Several mature pepper trees were preserved to provide shade and define walkways.

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