Reed and Grant Sports Park

Santa Clara, California

Transforming an industrial zone site into a community sports facility

Creativity was needed to develop a multi-function community sports complex on a wedge-shaped lot in the fast-growing city of Santa Clara. The challenge was to arrange multiple youth sports fields on the site, while ensuring the complex addressed the community’s current and future interests.

The design fits five soccer fields on the site, each a different size, recognizing the needs of different age groups. Four of the fields are synthetic and one natural turf. Twenty-foot-high netting separates the grounds and shields the walkways bordering the fields.

The facility includes a 3,800-square-foot multipurpose building, including flexible space for a variety of sports-related activities, such as wrestling, karate and exercise classes. A wide walkway connects the multipurpose building to a plaza for a variety of local events.

The entire facility will use efficient LED sports lighting powered by photovoltaic systems on the roof of the multi-purpose building. The roof is also designed to direct stormwater to retention areas, as part of a system to reduce water runoff throughout the site. The parking lot also includes 11 electric vehicle charging stalls.

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