Irvine, California

The design of Kajabi’s headquarters focuses around the idea of community. This is a place where the Kajabi Hero can come and interact with the team, a place where knowledge is spread and support is provided. Kajabi’s commitment to their customers and the betterment of each company is apparent here.

Kajabi outgrew their last space in a quick 6 months. This new space needed to not only function for the growing Kajabi team but also for their customers. The first level provided a variety of spaces all aimed at the success of Kajabi's customers including a Hero Hub and training area, flexible co-working space, event space, as well as indoor and outdoor respite areas.

The first and second levels are joined by an opening in the floor providing a visual connection to the Kajabi team and the Hero's they provide services for. This area serves as a gathering space for presentations, team meetings and is a memorable feature in the space with a two story feature wall and interconnecting stair.

The second floor is mainly a workspace with the idea of neighborhoods. Each area has its own conference spaces, huddle rooms, phone rooms, and respite spaces providing a variety of workspaces for individuals and teams to gather in. Keeping all of the partitions away from the perimeter glass line provides a constant connection to nature and views.

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