Irvine, California

Interactive workplace makes the client the hero

The new workplace for Kajabi, a company focused on helping “knowledge entrepreneurs” achieve online success, creates an interactive space to support the developing community between its fast-growing team and its customers. The design links the workplace to the environment and the surrounding ecosystem, setting a standard for inclusiveness, transparency and ecological sensitivity in a new office park.

The company outgrew its previous space in only six months and required a new workplace that would accommodate the evolving team, while welcoming the Kajabi “heroes,” its customers. As a platform dedicated to helping its customers create a successful business online, accessibility was a high priority, allowing clients the freedom to easily come and go, work on their business and even host their own meetings and events in Kajabi’s headquarters.

The design creates an immersive experience with space for customers to collaborate with the Kajabi team and develop their own workspace. The first floor is designed entirely around the customer, featuring a Hero Hub and training area for customers to interact with Kajabi’s products, as well as a flexible coworking space, event area and indoor/outdoor spaces for work and relaxation.

The first and second floors are joined by an opening that provides a visual connection between the customers and the Kajabi team, symbolizing the entrepreneur’s journey to grow their business. The second floor is split into different “neighborhoods” for the Kajabi team, each with its own conference spaces, huddle rooms, lounge seating areas, phone rooms and collaboration space. All walls and partitions were kept away from the exterior glass to provide constant connection to nature and daylight.

The space offers extensive and unrestricted access to the surrounding spaces and ecosystems. Resilience is manifested in an attitude of raw, open areas and systems that greatly reduce the use of finish products and material cladding. This created a distinct direction for the aesthetic development of the space. While the design takes on a definite utilitarian base, it is tempered by the thoughtful integration of a limited pallet of organic materials.

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