Celestica Customer Experience Center

Santa Clara, California

A fully immersive customer experience for a high-tech giant

The heart of the 7,300-square-foot customer experience center for Celestica, one of the world’s biggest technology companies, is a glass-enclosed, circular room known as the Gallery. When a client walks in, the lights are dimmed and the room turns into a form of theater-in-the-round, immersing them in Celestica’s customized presentation.

The international firm was rebranding, emphasizing its design and creative capabilities, and the team wanted the customer experience center in Santa Clara to promote the new image. The center needed to present what they do and how they do it—transforming the perception of the company in dramatic fashion.

The new facility brings Celestica’s global business to its clients. Instead of making a trip to Thailand or Ireland, clients can tour a foreign operation through an immersive, 360 tour. Next to the Gallery, the “Design Garage” provides an informal area where designers and engineers can collaborate. The entire center is customizable, emphasizing Celestica’s customer-centric approach.

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