CSU San Bernardino Center for Global Innovation

San Bernardino, California

Three-tiered structure provides home base for international students

CSU San Bernardino's large international student population became the driving force behind the design of the university’s Center for Global Innovation. Sited at the heart of campus, the three-story building features offset floor plates to shape a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage different types of student interaction.

The central lobby, inspired by typical town squares found in many cities around the world, is conceived as a "global gallery," a dynamic yet comfortable space that gives foreign students a home base. With digital screens, writable surfaces and flexible furniture, students can gather to study, share ideas or relax and enjoy the surrounding mountain views. The project also includes a destination rooftop terrace.Due to the building's proximity to California’s San Andreas fault, designers incorporated enhanced structural components. The project is designed to meet LEED Platinum certification.

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