LPA Engineers Partner with Industry Leaders to Encourage All-Electric Buildings

LPA Design Studios has joined 23 leading MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) engineering firms in an initiative to support construction of all-electric buildings.

LPA is a signatory on an open letter sent to MEP equipment manufacturers outlining the need for more electric heating equipment options. The initiative was organized by Building Green’s Sustainable MEP Leaders group, which represents leading engineering firms in the U.S. dedicated to decarbonization of buildings. (LPA is a member of the MEP Leaders group.)

“Using electricity in lieu of fossil fuels has the potential to yield long-term reduced carbon emissions,” says LPA Director of Engineering Erik Ring. “For engineers to pursue all electric designs we need equipment manufacturers to provide more electric heating options.”

Currently engineering firms are challenged to design efficient and effective MEP systems that eliminate the use of fossil fuels. In recent years, there has been an increase in local initiatives and legislation pushing for buildings to reach the goal of net zero carbon, the letter notes.

“We need suitable equipment to address this growing need and we look forward to working with you to identify and meet this rapidly expanding market demand,” the letter says.

MEP engineers also seek more equipment options that use low-global-warming potential refrigerants and more products with environmental product declarations (EPDs), the letter says. Specific products listed include heat pump solutions, heating/service hot water solutions and power/battery storage solutions.

“We ask you to make it a priority to research, develop, market, and support the product types,” the letter states. “Please join us in the effort to support international climate goals and improve our industry together.”

Read the published letter here: https://www.buildinggreen.com/...

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