Erik RingPE, LEED Fellow, NCARB

Director of Engineering

Irvine, California

As Director of Engineering, Erik Ring provides overall leadership for the LPA’s multi-disciplinary engineering efforts including structural, sites, and systems design focused teams. The engineering teams at LPA works to enhance our approach of an informed design process using integrated teams.

Erik provides technical and design leadership for integrating appropriate, cost-effective and high-performance engineering solutions for LPA projects. His focus is on integrating sustainable design strategies within LPA projects through understanding every projects’ goals, opportunities, and constraints.

Erik’s professional experience includes engineering, research, commissioning and building energy analysis for over 50 LEED and green building projects. Erik specializes in designing high-performance HVAC systems and energy-efficient buildings. He applies passive strategies, load reduction, proven technologies and sound engineering to optimize energy performance and indoor environmental quality, while minimizing capital, energy, and maintenance costs for LPA clients.

Erik holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a Master of Science in Architecture from UC Berkeley. He is a LEED Fellow and long time volunteer on numerous USGBC technical committees.