Erik RingPE, LEED Fellow

Director of Engineering

Irvine , California

Erik Ring provides technical leadership for integrating appropriate, cost-effective and high-performance mechanical, plumbing and energy systems into LPA projects. Erik’s focus is on integrating sustainable design strategies within projects and their inherent constraints. He is responsible for the mechanical and plumbing design and team. He also develops the mechanical and plumbing criteria for the project.

Erik has significant involvement in more than a dozen completed LEED projects and is contracted with the USGBC to teach other professionals about applying the LEED Green Building Rating system in practice. Erik’s professional experience includes engineering, research, commissioning and building energy analysis for LEED and green building projects.

Erik specializes in designing high-performance HVAC systems and energy-efficient buildings. Erik applies passive strategies, load reduction, proven technologies and sound engineering to optimize system performance while minimizing the capital, energy and maintenance costs for the client.