Spotlight: Lanier High School

The extensive renovation of San Antonio ISD’s Lanier High School classroom building and adjacent athletics fields was directly shaped by community, educators and student feedback. They talked about the lack of natural daylight, poor security and outdated technology, which hampered curriculums, morale and safety. The solution reimagines the existing building by carving a central entry nave, removing the top 8' of brick and installing new clerestories at the perimeter and building core to introduce daylight to all learning spaces. Future-ready spaces, new security systems, and total replacement of all MEP and technology and interior finishes in the building breathe new life into the building.

The project is in the culturally rich west side of San Antonio, which helped inform every aspect of the new design. At the core of the connection between community and school, a series of historic murals will take new forms and live into the future as part of the new campus design.