801 N. Brand

A Community-Focused Office Reinvestment

Targeted reinvestment transforms an aging building with underused open space into a magnet for tenants and the community.

The reinvestment transforms the plaza and four-story lobby into a cohesive set of indoor and outdoor environments that engages the wider business community and enables new ways of working for tenants. The formerly gray, one-dimensional plaza now feels like a park. An Airstream trailer café, shade structures, a wide variety of outdoor furniture and two large areas of artificial turf create a welcoming atmosphere. Each week, the space hosts a farmers’ market. The upper terrace caters to building tenants with shaded breakout spaces that pour out from the indoor conference center.

The redesign focuses on connections — to the outdoors and to each other. A folding wall links the lobby to the outdoor spaces, where a coffee bar, multipurpose conference center and building management office support the hospitality-oriented service model. Throughout the lobby, pockets of soft seating and warm, natural materials encourage tenants to linger.