Construction Update: El Cerrito Multifamily Housing

The prefabricated modular residential units were recently hoisted into place for the El Cerrito Multifamily Housing development, a mixed use project with 172 homes above parking and a ground floor health clinic which will be operated by Family Health Centers of San Diego. The use of recycled shipping containers, customized off-site, will significantly reduce the overall delivery time, while providing a mix of fully furnished studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows. The apartments are grouped around outdoor spaces, connecting residents with nature to promote health and wellness.

The project will be all-electric. Natural ventilation, vertical sunshades and a high performance Variable Refrigerant FlowVRF system and a centralized all-electric heat pump boiler system will help reduce energy use by 82% from an industry baseline. The roof area will be preserved for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.

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