Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe

Overall the Club creates a collaborative, resilient and sustainable community building. The club's central game room is the collaborative hub with various scaled supportive programmatic spaces that unfold from this main spine. This spine fosters all occupants to interact and recreate to foster a safe place to learn and grow to align with the mission statement of the club. The building's envelope and structure are designed to be resilient to wild fires through meeting the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) requirements through the use of fiber cement siding and mass timber glu-lam beams. The sustainability key components are utilizing an existing central community infill site that replaced unoccupied classroom portables, access to daylight and views to nature in all spaces and environmental friendly materials proven through the CHPS Designed (Collaborative for High Performing Schools) self-certification process. Lastly integrating Biophilic Design Strategies to pay homage to the rich natural resources of the Tahoe Lake region, which results in increase of occupants physical and mental well-being.