ASICS America Corporation Debuts Newly Designed Headquarters by LPA Inc.

(IRVINE, Calif.) August 30, 2015 — After a successful completion of tenant improvements at the previous ASICS headquarters in 2008, LPA was awarded the company’s new corporate headquarters project. The buildings are leased from The Irvine Company and the new location comprises of two existing buildings in Irvine, California. Consisting of approximately 121,000 square feet of space, the new design allows athletes and employees to train and test their fitness levels in its new Sports Training Center.

The building on Barranca Parkway houses an employee retail store and Sports Training Center that includes a basketball and volleyball court, fitness center, batting cage, showers and locker rooms. The two-story second building on Technology Drive includes the majority of workstations, conferences rooms, private offices, open and enclosed collaborative and meeting spaces and its 10K Café. Conduit connectivity was implemented between the two buildings for easy access for ASICS employees.

David Robbins, Project Management Officer Director of ASICS America Corporation said, “The new campus is exciting for us on several levels and we are thrilled to see it completed. The employees, partners and athletes are thrilled about the new campus.”

The LPA design team focused on the energy of the brand as inspiration from ASICS when it came to conception. “We were really trying to express a very sort of athletic edge to the interiors. A lot of the accent colors that you see are actually based on their product so that we really tried to infuse what they do into the space and how they work,” explained Senior Designer and Principal at LPA, Rick D’Amato.

The design was dedicated to providing employees with health, fitness and wellness advantages. According to D’Amato, the workstations in the offices are custom-designed around the various departments that they are being used by at ASICS. For instance, the apparel, footwear and accessories departments each have modifications so that the workstations actually respond to how they work.

“We tried to go in and create a certain office standard for them which they never really had before,” said D’Amato. “So it was about integrating [the employees] into the process and understanding how they worked and being able to implement that into the design at the facility.”

Additionally, LPA continued with the graphic branding, as was in the first ASICS project, to envelope the visitor and express the athletic nature of the company. “We worked from the very beginning with The Irvine Company, with the contractor, with the environmental graphics firm—so it was really all of us coming together integrally and designing this facility,” said D'Amato.

While the workstations and conference areas respond to the needs of the employees, the amenities offer an active environment for which ASICS is known. “The fitness component of the project is really the heart and soul of what ASICS is all about,” said D’Amato. “It’s something new for ASICS America that truly embodies their sound mind, sound body philosophy. They will have state-of-the-art training facilities from which athletes of all levels can benefit.”

LPA took two existing structures and created an empowering environment for ASICS employees, partners, buyers and athletes. D’Amato said, “It’s one of those opportunities for LPA where everything just comes together and it just really works. It was a really wonderful process, a fun team and a great client.”

ASICS America Corp.
80 Technology Drive and 15350 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618

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