LPA President Dan Heinfeld Talks Innovation, Sustainability on Podcast

LPA President Dan Heinfeld sat down with the AccelerateOC podcast this week to discuss a wide range of topics, including innovation and the importance of connecting design excellence and building performance.

“When we were solving problems for [energy efficiency] we were inherently doing better architecture,” Heinfeld told host Cary Ransom. “Any sustainable future really needs to talk about buildings that last for decades… that’s where we can really make a difference.”

Energy efficiency, building performance and sustainability have always been a part of LPA’s fundamental values. LPA was the largest firm in the country in 2018 to meet the AIA 2030 Commitment to reduce fossil fuel energy use in new projects by more than 70 percent. LPA’s Irvine office, which was developed as a “living laboratory” for sustainable office design, recently was certified LEED Platinum.

During the conversation, Heinfeld discussed entrepreneurship, large scale development and Orange County’s development as an ideal place to “work, live and play.” He also discussed developing talent and the role of technology in the industry.

The AccelerateOC podcast focuses on “bringing the innovators, disruptors and next generation of entrepreneurs into conversations with the Orange County community.”

“Dan is an architect with a strong sense of duty to leave a lasting impact on the built environment and has been focused on sustainability long before others,” Ransom said in his introduction. “Dan clearly leads by example with his innovative spirit.”

Listen to the podcast here.