America’s Architects Struggling to Build Carbon-Neutral Buildings

By Jessica Peralta

IRVINE, California — Only 16 of 252 architecture met the 2030 Challenge from the American Institute of Architects to meet carbon-reduction targets to combat climate change.

“The findings of this new report underscore why it is imperative that the AIA make climate change a No. 1 priority,” said AIA EVP/Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy in a statement. “It’s critical that the architecture, engineering and construction industries come together to take action on this issue today.


CityAge spoke to one of the 16 firms that made the target, California-based LPA. The firm’s principal, Keith Hempel, expanded on how the target was made:

“It’s kind of in our DNA to think smartly about sustainability and energy efficiency. That’s something that we’ve developed into our processes. We do energy modeling on all our projects. We try to understand the energy use of a building very early in the design process so that we can optimize our design solutions and focus on energy efficiency.”

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