Concrete Masonry Association Honors Two LPA Projects

The Brea Community Center and the Temple City High School Classroom Building and Aquatics Center were honored recently by the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada, and the American Institute of Architects California. Brea Community Center earned the 25 Year Award for Design and Temple City High School won the Award for Education Design.

The Concrete Masonry Design Awards program recognizes and encourages outstanding architectural design that incorporates the use of concrete masonry within the building envelope. All winners must be “inherently sustainable.”

The 52,000-square-foot Brea Community Center won the 25 Year Award for Design, which recognizes a facility that has demonstrated long-term value for concrete masonry. The building serves as a resource for the community and provides after school programs, preschool and childcare solutions, summer camp and teen zones, as well as a fitness center with recreation classes and facility rentals for events. Developed through a year-long community engagement, sustainability was integrated into the design and concrete masonry was specifically selected for the project, based on long-term performance and the available budget.

Temple City HS
Temple City High School

Only one 25 Year Award is issued each year. This is the third 25 Year Award earned by LPA projects, following Tarbut v’Torah Community Day School in 2000 and the Santa Fe Spring Library in 2013.

Temple City High School won an Honor Award for Education Design. The design increased capacity and meaningful outdoor space to the campus and modernized the aging aquatic center. The older campus was built around brick, but designers opted for concrete masonry for the renovation to fit the budget and create a new identity for the campus.

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