Director of Civic + Cultural

Irvine, California

As Director of Civic + Cultural at LPA, Jeremy Hart designs with discovery and impact in mind. With more than 20 years of experience, he believes that the direction of design should reflect the will of the community.

As an architect and a history buff, Jeremy is driven by the desire to create and influence our environment in a meaningful way. He asserts that architects’ ability to create meaningful impressions on people can influence a community, interactions and the surrounding environment. Jeremy approaches each project like a puzzle that needs to be solved, uncovering each factor that may contribute to a project. Jeremy strives to learn how the project site and environment will inform the functional requirements of the building program and the values of the community.

Inspired by the unique components that architecture presents, Jeremy enjoys the variety in daily tasks and project needs. His responsibilities are to guide the discovery process; set a clear vision for the project and the project team; blend together all aspects of the pragmatic and poetic portions of a site, a building layout, engineering systems and the overall aesthetic direction of the project.

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. He joined LPA upon graduation and has contributed to numerous award-winning and sustainably designed projects. He is a member of AIA and USGBC and is a LEED Accredited Professional.