Federico CavazosAIA / LEED AP

Project Architect

San Antonio, Texas

Federico Cavazos' approach to design is to listen to the client first and integrate the vision into the environment while working with other disciplines. With ten years of experience in educational, mixed-use and commercial projects, Federico’s approach to design emphasizes the importance of careful observation, thoughtful communication and contextual design. He draws upon his work on projects throughout the world, where he has demonstrated that great design and great
outcomes are inextricably connected. This allows him to make informed decisions early and underscores his passion for interdisciplinary collaboration, the hallmark of LPA.

Federico leads a team of architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers towards a singular design solution. He oversees the building design, leads design meetings, coordinates the technical documents and is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the final construction documents. With every new challenge, Federico brings his creativity and enthusiasm to create places that inspire and improve the public realm.