Rogers Honored as Distinguished Cal Poly Pomona Alumni

LPA CEO Wendy Rogers was honored as a Distinguished Alumni at the Cal Poly Pomona 2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards Gala, hosted by University President Soraya M. Coley and the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association. The 60th annual awards gala recognized alumni who have achieved extraordinary success in their chosen fields by distinguishing themselves, their community and their alma mater.

Rogers started at LPA’s integrated design firm as an intern in 1987 and was named CEO in 2017. She is one of a handful of women leading national architecture firms, and oversees more than 400 architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers focused on a collaborative, research-driven sustainable design process across sectors, including education, civic, health care and corporate projects.

Rogers led LPA to the state’s highest industry honor, AIA-California’s Firm Award in 2021.

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