Imagine a Place Podcast: ‘Raise Your Hand’ with Wendy Rogers, CEO OF LPA Design Studios

In a new episode of Imagine a Place podcast, LPA CEO Wendy Rogers talks about her career and her work developing an inclusive firm that supports young talent.

Rogers started at LPA as an intern in 1987 and was named CEO in 2017. She leads an integrated design firm of 400 architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers focused on a collaborative design process that makes sustainability the foundation of every design. In 2021, LPA earned the AIA-California’s Firm Award, the state highest industry honor.

In the discussion with host Doug Shapiro, Rogers shares experiences from her own career, and the value of embracing an entrepreneurial spirit. On more than one occasion, she stepped forward and “raised her hand” to take on big initiatives.

Leaning into risk is where we learn and grow, she explains.Rogers also discusses the state of the industry, the importance of developing a culture of authenticity and the challenge of designing the next generation of net zero schools.

“Get ready to be motivated to take risks, learn to fail, and grow towards your goals,” Shapiro says in his intro.

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