Build Tall or Net-Zero? The Conundrums of Energy Efficiency

By Rebecca Greenwald

How is the architecture and design community rising to both the challenge and opportunity presented by progressive net zero policy measures like California’s, and nationwide programs like Architecture 2030?

This was the focus of a session on what’s next for energy efficiency as part of Metropolis’ recent Perspective: Sustainability symposium held at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. As Metropolis Editor-in-Chief Avinash Rajagopal put it, “Building energy-efficient buildings is not a new idea. The difference now is that there are new perspectives and fields of knowledge being applied to energy-efficient design.”

These new and ambitious targets are requiring firms to adopt new ways of working. At LPA, this has meant bringing engineering functions in-house “and creating a culture of architects and engineers conferring with one another on a daily basis,” says president Dan Heinfeld . “We didn’t understand how profoundly it would change our practice.”

The group closed out by reaffirming the importance of transparency and innovation in monitoring and measuring energy efficiency. LPA has committed to publishing EUIs for all of their projects on their website and in all printed matter—no matter what the results are.

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