Winston BaoCID, LEED AP

Design Director Programming / Furniture Services

Irvine, California

Winston Bao is an interior designer who has focused his entire career on the programming and planning of educational spaces. Winston’s integrated approach to the process of planning creates synergies between architecture, engineering, placemaking, sustainability, social interaction and technology that have a meaningful impact on the lives of those who use them. He encourages a collaborative programming and planning phase focused on responsive and appropriate solutions that ensure the delivery of innovative planning concepts that offer enduring benefits.

Through collaborative design approach, Winston creates tailored solutions that not only deliver engaging learning environments, but also balance the academic experience with physical and emotional well-being to foster lifelong learning.

Winston uses his extensive experience of programming and planning on more than 100 higher education projects, developing a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative programming package. Winston remains connected to the project throughout each phase by reviewing the programming and planning to ensure that the approved program is being implemented during the documentation and construction phases.