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LPA creates engaging higher education environments that encourage exploration, collaboration and hands-on problem solving.

Los Angeles Valley College Monarch Center

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Our designs are forward-thinking and adaptive—capable of responding to ever-evolving curriculums, technology and learning activities.

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Higher Education

LPA is committed to helping college students reach their full potential through learner-centered spaces that empower them with choices. We think beyond the lecture hall, creating responsive environments that can quickly and easily transition between different modes of learning—from labs and presentations to workshops. We build opportunities to explore, reflect, create and connect throughout the physical environment. From the way we integrate technology to the layout of the campus and its buildings, every element is designed to increase engagement. It’s a forward-looking approach to higher education that sparks curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Contact the Higher Education Practice Leader, Steve Flanagan, at sflanagan@lpadesignstudios.com.

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