Managing Director

San Jose, California

Of the many wonderful things’ architecture has to offer, Kim Izadi’s two favorites are design and people. As a young girl among a family of artists, Kim realized very early her life would travel a creative avenue. She routinely found joy and satisfaction rearranging her living spaces, even as a young girl. Her pursuit of a career in interior design was natural where she reveled in creating order from chaos and bringing comfort and beauty into spaces for people to experience.

Kim’s passion for her work has always been infectious. Five years after joining LPA in 1997, Kim was recognized as professional of the year in 2003 for her efforts toward developing a new studio team in northern California while also contributing leadership and direction of the K-12 interior design team at LPA headquarters.

Today, as managing director of the San Jose LPA Urban Design Studio, Kim focuses on client needs and developer accounts where she continues to enjoy engaging her clients while assisting their needs to create, build and design new spaces.