Kathereen ShinkaiPE, M.ASCE, NCARB

Director of Civil Engineering

Irvine, California

As a civil engineer, Kathereen Shinkai has extensive experience with local agencies, and has strong working relationships developed with agency staff which enables more timely and efficient plan review and permit processing.

Kathereen has managed and designed a range of projects that include institutional, retail/commercial centers, master planned residential communities, religious facilities, public works and industrial facilities. Her technical expertise includes the design and coordination of water, sewer, storm drain, horizontal control, rough and precise grading and street improvements plans. Kathereen is also adept in obtaining environmental compliance and has prepared many EIR, SWPPP and WQMP reports.

Kathereen helps meet objectives, resolve site challenges, respond to field conditions, and complete the design and construction in a manner that is efficient, ethical and profitable. She is responsible for managing the project from start to finish, making sure that the project is on schedule and within the budget allocated.