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Our goal is to design projects that reduce energy use, water use, carbon emissions and surpass quantifiable sustainability metrics, while minimizing long-term maintenance and operating costs. Our integrated team starts the process by setting measurable targets that we track throughout the design process.

By The Numbers

As part of our long-standing pledge to make energy efficiency a core goal of every design, LPA has developed a graphic that highlights a project’s energy use.By developing these graphics, we are putting our performance on display.

As an integrated firm, working across disciplines, we are committed to reducing the energy use in every project we work on. We think it’s important for the results to be transparent.

EUI Explainer
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Graphic

LPA has pledged to support the goals of the AIA 2030 Commitment, which seeks to reduce fossil fuel energy use by 10 percent every five years. The current target is a 80 percent reduction which is set to rise to 100 percent reduction by 2030.

The new graphic lists the fossil fuel reduction of each project, based on the 2030 benchmark which considers the use, size and location of the project. It also includes the building’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI), the industry’s standard for rating a building’s energy performance.




Operable Windows


Water Retention

Montgomery MS Sustainable Section
Montgomery Middle School: Sustainable Section

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