Nicholas KramerLEED AP

Director, Inspire Design

Irvine, California

Nicholas Kramer, LEED® AP, is the Director of Inspire Design. Inspire Design is LPA’s a unified technology group that includes Design Technologies, Information Technologies and Information Systems. Inspire Design is an integral part of LPA’s research and development group and maintains oversight of all of LPA’s technology. In his leadership role, he provides strategic direction for BIM and new technologies, working with designers across the company’s practices and disciplines.

As a Director, Nicholas actively runs a variety of different types of projects day to day, in addition to developing standards, processes and best practices for the company. He is a nationally recognized speaker on BIM and has extensive experience implementing Revit and new technologies in the design and construction process. He has worked with some of the largest construction companies in the world to execute technology practices, developing a reputation for collaboration, patience and expertise in the latest software.

In his leadership role, Nicholas focuses on data driven results with demonstrated outcomes. Outside LPA, he serves as the Program Manager for BILT North America, has guest lectured on BIM and sustainability at UCLA, Autodesk University and other professional forums. He also sits on the Hyundai Cancer Center Board at CHOC Children’s.