Kari KikutaPLA, ASLA

Director of Landscape Architecture

San Diego, California

Kari Kikuta designs outdoor spaces to positively shape environments for meaningful uses. As LPA’s Director of Landscape Architecture, Kari is primarily focused on developing landscape architecture for site-focused projects while overseeing the growth and organization of the discipline throughout the firm.

With more than 20 years of landscape design experience, leadership and passion, Kari’s portfolio ranges from large-scale planning and urban design, to multifamily residential, to the development of site-specific sustainable solutions for education facilities. To effectively program the outdoors, Kari blends the existence between interior and exterior environments, extending the opportunities for the outdoors to promote healthy, balanced lifestyles. This innovative style benefits both the project process and client experience, helping to develop outdoor environments conducive to creativity, collaboration, connectivity and exploration.

A natural advocate for purposeful, powerful landscapes, Kari’s goal is to transform the outdoor environment into an influential space. For her, landscape architecture as a practice is less about the project and more about the process: whatever the project type, what matters is the progression to ultimately land at a strong solution.

A second-generation landscape architect, Kari received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and has been with LPA since 2008. She is recognized by her colleagues as a leader who consistently influences the growth of other professionals and who is motivated by the opportunity to learn something new every day.