John WilsonSE

Senior Project Manager

Irvine, California

John Wilson has more than 12 years of experience in the structural engineering of new and existing buildings. He finds feasible and economical solutions to structural challenges while maintaining the integrity of the architectural design. From early design through completion, John works closely with all disciplines to achieve a unique blend of structure and architecture that will provide safe, efficient and unique designs for clients.

John is responsible for collaborating with team leaders to provide an efficient, resilient and integrated design. John leads a team of qualified and talented designers to provide a holistic solution to the opportunities the project provides.

John is passionate about finding creative, simple solutions to complex design challenges. He strives to work with the team to find a coherent resilient design that provides the most efficient and elegant solution while preserving the vision of the architect and the needs of the end users. He believes structural engineering should be influential in design and safety in society.