Daniel WangSE

Director of Structural Engineering

Irvine, California

With more than 30 years of structural engineering experience, Daniel Wang uses his extensive experience in design and construction to create a holistic approach between architecture and engineering. He provides comprehensive technical design, delivering innovative structural solutions for a wide variety of project types utilizing a hands-on approach during all design phases, from agency processing, through construction administration to project closeout.

Daniel leads the structural design team to ensure appropriate solutions are delivered given the projects performance requirements. He verifies general conformance with the structural documentation through coordinated team effort and site observations.

Passionate about innovation and creativity, Daniel is committed creating cohesive solutions to complex challenges. The ingenuity of every solution matures with each project, often allowing exploration in new techniques. Awareness to these opportunities and employment of them, is Daniels key to successfully delivering desired project objectives, such as safety, functionality, efficiency and constructability.