LPA Plumbing Engineering

The integration of plumbing engineering experts at the early stages of the design process creates a direct benefit for clients. LPA plumbing designers work closely with LPA’s architecture, civil engineering, and interior design teams to ensure the plumbing requirements are seamlessly included into the project design, finding efficiencies and creating built-in flexibility for systems.

From the start of the process, LPA’s integrated team works with the client to establish design criteria and understand site conditions. Our design priorities for plumbing include safety and the development of easily maintainable systems that conserve water and energy and eliminate unnecessary piping and equipment. The LPA plumbing team provides conceptual and schematic design, construction documents and specifications to guide the contractors in estimating, planning and completing the project. Our integrated approach creates better lines of communication and helps all the experts in the different disciples to work through issues as a team to minimize expensive problems during the construction process.

  • Plumbing Systems Design & Engineering
  • Site and Existing System Evaluation
  • Performance Criteria & Specifications
  • Design Peer Reviews