LPA Mechanical Engineering

At LPA, our Mechanical Engineers apply principles of sustainable design to develop cost effective and high-performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for our clients. Our integrated process includes mechanical engineering at the earliest stages to ensure the proposed HVAC systems match the project goals and go beyond simply meeting code. Our approach focuses on using passive design techniques, load reduction strategies, proven technologies and appropriate engineering to optimize system performance while minimizing capital, energy, and maintenance costs.

Our priorities for mechanical systems include optimizing energy and water conservation, providing superior ventilation and mitigating potential indoor air quality issues, selecting appropriate and sensible control systems and devices and ensuring ease of system maintenance and operations. At every step, the design process focuses on occupant comfort and health, energy efficiency, and system flexibility and adaptability to new uses.

  • Mechanical Systems Design & Engineering
  • Building Energy Analysis
  • Performance Criteria & Specifications
  • Design Peer Reviews
  • Existing Systems Evaluation