LPA Interior Design

Our approach begins with the understanding that interior design is the most intimate of all design disciplines. It is where we engage with the environment and become part of the experience, feeling the textures and light, connecting to the space as something more than a spectator. Our process is focused on research, first-hand study and the fundamental understanding that the nature of this experience can spark inspiration, improve company performance, and make people healthier and happier.

LPA’s integrated process incorporates the expertise of our lighting designers, workplace strategists and furniture services team, as well as specialists in branding, signage and graphics. Our approach weaves together the building architecture, infrastructure, materiality and sustainability to create a specific basis for design, which is then overlaid upon the client’s goals, budget, schedule and the needs of the users. We do not look for trends or push concepts. Every design is different, based on data and study, resulting in special spaces that reflect the essence of the building and our client’s unique style and sensibilities.