LPA Civil Engineering

LPA’s Civil Engineers are involved at the earliest stages of the project, helping to develop designs that are innovative, logical and meet all local and state regulations. Their expertise and experience working within the integrated design process establishes the restraints and realities of a project, helping to develop a conceptual plan that finds efficiencies and works for the overall design goals.

As the complexities of local codes and regulations grow, the importance of our CE team continues to increase. Their extensive experience working with local agencies has resulted in strong relationships within the industry, often resulting in a smoother and timelier plan review and permitting process. Specific areas of expertise include due diligence investigations, master planning, water and sewer infrastructure, hydrology and hydraulic studies, grading, erosion control, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and Water Quality Management Plans.

Our CE team is particularly adept at designing Low Impact Development (LID) projects that have earned awards and saved clients’ money, while seamlessly integrating into the larger project goals. Working closely with LPA’s landscape architects, their deep knowledge of storm water quality regulations and standards, as well as the latest methods and products to design Best Management Practices (BMP’s), provides the foundation for designing projects that are cost-effective, easily maintained and sustainable.